Friday, 3 May 2013


Imagine you are out shopping and you come across two shops next door to each other. One is brightly lit, the front door is open and the windows of the shop are large and allow you to see the entire interior of the shop. In contrast, the other shop has no lights on inside, the windows are small and made of frosted glass and the door is closed. Which shop would you go into?

Being open about my Parkinson’s enables me to engage with it in a more proactive way; I’m not hesitating outside the second shop, I’m browsing inside the first shop understanding and choosing the best options for me.

All people and organisations associated with Parkinson’s (Doctors, Parkinson’s Nurses, Parkinson’s UK, Researchers, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, sufferers and their family and friends) should set up their various shops on the Parkinson’s high street to be accessible and transparent; this empowers themselves (more people will visit their shop) and also empowers sufferers to cope, day to day, with their disease.

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