Sunday, 10 November 2013

I am a chair who wants to sit down and rest

I feel like a chair who, after working all day being a chair, wants to get home and have a rest; but when the chair sits down and rests he does the exact same thing he does when he is busy: being a chair!

Parkinson’s is a chronic disease; it accompanies me wherever I go and whatever I do. This disease of mine feels like a job I never applied for; the reward for working so hard is moving Parkinson’s around my life, like moving a tonne of sand from one end of a long corridor to the other…and back again…and again… Even when I lean my spade against the wheelbarrow and go for a rest I fill my pockets with sand while I am sat down.

No matter what I do I will be Parkinson’s. Equally no matter what I do I will always be me. The art of living with a chronic disease is maintaining awareness that being yourself alongside the disease is also a chronic condition…

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